Vilnius, Lithuania
Driving license: B
07/2014 - NOW Web Developer and Architect as Freelancer
09/2012 - 07/2014 Web Developer in Wrappz London, UK
11/2011 - 06/2011 Web Developer with project manager practice in UAB Web systems” Vilnius, Lithuania
10/2010 – 07/2011 Web Developer in UAB Zet technologies” Vilnius, Lithuania
2009 – 2010 Freelancing Web Developer
09/2008 - 06/2011 Bachelor‘s degree in Software Engineering (Vilnius University, 3 out of 4 years completed) in Vilnius
09/2004 - 06/2008 Gymnasium of Laurynas Ivinskis in Kuršėnai, Lithuania
COMPUTER SKILLS PHP (8 year commercial + 2 year non-commercial experience)
JAVA (1 year commercial + 2 year non-commercial)
• PHP frameworks :
      o CODE IGNITER (8 year commercial experience)
      o Yii (6 year non-commercial experience)
      o ZEND (4 year non-commercial experience)
• PHP CMSs :
      o Wordpress (6 year commercial experience)
      o CMSMS (3 year commercial experience)
      o OpenCart (3 year commercial experience)
      o Magento (4 year commercial experience)
      o Drupal (1 year commercial experience)
PostgreSQL (8 year commercial experience)
MySQL (8 year commercial + 1 year non-commercial experience)
MSSQL (8 year commercial experience)
SQLite (8 year commercial experience)
MVC (8 year commercial + 1 year non-commercial experience)
HTML4 (8 year commercial + 3 year non-commercial experience)
HTML5 (7 year commercial experience)
CSS (8 year commercial + 3 year non-commercial experience)
CSS3 (7 year experience)
JAVASCRIPT (8 year commercial + 2 year non-commercial experience )
AJAX (8 year commercial experience)
JQUERY (8 year commercial experience)
JQUERY UI (7 year commercial experience)
PROTOTYPE (7 year commercial experience)
EXT JS 4 (5 year commercial experience)
User Experience web development (8 year commercial + 1 year non-commercial experience)
Responsive Web Design (7 year commercial + 1 year non-commercial experience)
Web Content Accessibility (WCAG 2.0) (8 year commercial + 1 year non-commercial experience )
SEO and FEO programming side (8 year commercial experience).
Facebook and Google APIs (8 year experience).
Firebug, Chrome developer tools, IE developer tools, IE Tester, iPhone testing environment (8 year commercial + 1 year non-commercial experience)
Photoshop™ (8 year commercial + 3 year non-commercial experience).
Microsoft Office™ tools (8 year commercial +5 year non-commercial experience).
Flash (1 year commercial +2 year non-commercial experience)
• While performing tasks, I consult documentations; my aim is a high quality code.
SOCIAL SKILLS Decent communication abilities, sustained by university lectures on communication.
Leadership: last months in my previous job I worked as a Project manager; during the practice in the university I was head of a group of students.
Organizational skills: I have got experience in event organization.
Time planning: so far, when working in a team, my work planning had proven to be the most efficient. Having my work and leisure time carefully planned helps me completely indulge in any task or activity.
LANGUAGE SKILLS Lithuanian: mother tongue
English: passive – upper intermediate, active - improver
German: beginner
OTHER INTERESTS · Fine arts. I create web designs, logos. I am interested in photography, graphic design.
· Music. I have graduated from art school, specializing in guitar. I play the electric guitar, acoustic and bass guitars, keyboards, harmonica, percussions, sing, write songs, play in concerts. During the past five years I have been exploring professional audio recording and editing programs, working on my own and carrying out external orders.
· Favorite literature: biographical and fiction. I like to read and write poetry, songs attend poetry events.